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- (void) setDocument: (Document *)  aDocument   [implementation]

Set the document to be displayed in the view. As a result, the view should display the current page of the document.

Reimplemented from < PDFContentView >.

Definition at line 64 of file SinglePageView.m.

References displayContentTop.

                    : (Document*)aDocument
   [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter] removeObserver: self];
   [document release];
   document = [aDocument retain];
   if (document)
      [self setFrameSize: [self _zoomedSize]];
      [self displayContentTop];
      [[NSNotificationCenter defaultCenter]
            addObserver: self
               selector: @selector(_documentPageDidChange:)
                   name: kDocumentPageChangedNotification
                 object: document];

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